SMART MAP Training

The core components that comprise SMART MAP training are: Confidentiality, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Introspection of Oneself, Assessment of Crisis, Ethical Responsibility, Relapse and Follow-up, and Navigating through Health Care Plans.

The SMART MAP education program includes both theoretical knowledge and practice of basic skills necessary for crisis interventions.

One of our programs is called SMART PREVENT (Click here for more information).

PREVENT’s mission is to contribute to the overall quality of life with a special emphasis on preventing alcohol misuse and drug use. PREVENT is an individual oriented prevention strategy. When complimented with community and environmental prevention efforts, PREVENT has been proven to reduce the threat of substance abuse and other difficult problems, along with the resulting consequences, facing young adults. Same on next Prevent page.

Suicide Prevention – Sally Spencer – Thomas

Overview of SMART MAP – Chris Carlough & Webster Bailey

Narcan Certification Training

Jeff Magnum – Director of Creative Development and Founder of SST Theater and NSAD

Bill Salvatore

Ben Cort – Weed Inc

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